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lobia masala
Indian Recipes

Masala Lobia


  Making weekday meals can be a task sometimes, as after a point you run out of ideas about what to cook on a daily basis that is healthy and delicious at the same time. Eating vegetables everyday can get boring, and that’s when we like to switch our basic […]

black masoor dal
Indian Recipes

Black Masoor Dal


  On days when we crave comfort, having a wholesome home cooked meal is everything we need. A basic dal tadka on a bed of steamed rice with maybe a lemon wedge or green chilli is the perfect comfort meal for me. If it is your comfort meal too, you’re […]

spaghetti mushroom alfredo

Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo


  This Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo is a wholesome and hearty pasta dish which comes together in 30 minutes. It is whipped up with minimum ingredients in no time and such minimal efforts and yet tastes gourmet. This Spaghetti in Mushroom Alfredo is not just extremely tempting, but looks straight out […]

jeera rice
Rice - Indian

Jeera Rice


  Whether we’re cooking at home or ordering at a restaurant, jeera rice seems to pair perfectly with any Indian curry or dal. The jeera rice we make at home, spluttering some cumin in a couple tablespoons of ghee, tossing the rice in it and boiling it till fluffy, is […]

prawn omelette
Eggs and more!

Prawns Omelette


  Here’s a delicious way to combine eggs and prawns and make a light and healthy meal out of it. The delicious prawn omelette is so flavourful and makes for a light meal. I make both the prawns and the omelette on the same skillet. The fluffy omelette soaks up […]




  Any Indian festival is incomplete without a widespread variety of sweets. Rasmalai is one of the most popular classic Indian sweets – Soft, delicate and spongy chhena dunked in sweet, thick, creamy and flavoursome milk – it is nothing short of a dream.  Everyone loves Rasmalai. Opposed to how […]

beetroot falafel
Vegan Recipes

Beetroot Falafel


  If you have been following me for quite some time, I’m sure you’ve noticed how I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegan and healthy recipes on my blog. These moreish beetroot falafels check both the boxes and make the perfect appetiser or a quick evening snack. Typically found in […]

cheesy corn pepper fried rice
Rice Delights

Cheesy Corn Pepper Fried Rice


  This Cheesy Corn Pepper Fried Rice is made with the most easily available ingredients that are most probably already in your fridge, comes together in just 10 minutes and is healthier and way yummier than takeout. Oh! And it has cheese.  This Cheesy Corn Pepper Fried Rice is a […]

bhog khichri
Assamese Recipes

Bhog Khichri


  Bhoger Khichuri or Bhog khichri is a traditional recipe, packed with flavours and a heavenly aroma that fills Bengali and Assamese houses around the time of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. Where in some houses Bhog Khichri is prepared with utmost love and dedication, with a personally curated recipe, […]

cilantro lime chicken
Chicken Recipes

Cilantro Lime Chicken


  This Cilantro Lime Chicken is the kind of recipe for which this channel stands and particularly defines the ethos of why I started this channel. With the most minimal ingredients that bring out the explosive flavours of chicken and are probably already lying in your pantry, this recipe couldn’t […]