Eggs and more!

egg fried rice

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a beloved dish in many households, known for its simplicity and versatility. With just a few ingredients and easy steps, you can recreate this classic Asian favorite right in your own kitchen. This recipe combines fluffy scrambled eggs, colorful vegetables, and a savory sauce mix to […]

egg curry with potatoes

Egg Curry with Potatoes

Eggs and potatoes – striking a perfect balance of protein and carbs in this super flavoursome curry make it a must try. This is a very basic, simple yet nutritious curry that pairs beautifully with hot phulkas, parathas or a steaming bowl of rice. With just some eggs, potatoes and the […]

prawn omelette

Prawns Omelette

Here’s a delicious way to combine eggs and prawns and make a light and healthy meal out of it. The delicious prawn omelette is so flavourful and makes for a light meal. I make both the prawns and the omelette on the same skillet. The fluffy omelette soaks up all […]

shakshuka in spicy pepper sauce

Shakshuka in Spicy Pepper Sauce

This Shakshuka in Spicy Pepper Sauce is the perfect comfort meal all by itself. This delicious recipe makes for a great brunch or breakfast option when you are craving for something gourmet right in your own kitchen. You can pair it with some toasted bread on the side, and voila! […]

creamy mushroom omelette

Creamy Mushroom Omelette

This week’s recipe is a delicious breakfast or brunch option –  a creamy mushroom omelette. Super simple, minimal and easy to pull off, but so gourmet! This is the kind of meal that will keep you full and satiated for hours! The omelette is super simple and the creamy mushroom […]

creamy egg curry

Creamy Egg Curry

Here’s a welcome diversion from all the egg curries involving tomatoes. If you want to try out an egg curry that is different and tastes spectacular, you are surely going to love this creamy egg curry. The gravy is slightly thick and is enjoyed best when dunked into with some […]

masala egg curry

Masala Egg Curry

This masala egg curry is super simple to make and downright delicious. Even though it is easy, it does require a little bit of love and patience. The secret is the base, where the thinly sliced onions are caramelized to perfection, and then married to some basic Indian spices. The […]

italian mushroom frittata

Italian Mushroom Frittata With Fresh Basil

Winters for me are all about hearty warm breakfasts. The weekend breakfasts are extra special because you can just snuggle inside that warm blanket and enjoy a hot meal. And what better ingredient than eggs? This Italian mushroom frittata recipe is a blessing for those who want to whip something […]