Any Indian festival is incomplete without a widespread variety of sweets. Rasmalai is one of the most popular classic Indian sweets – Soft, delicate and spongy chhena dunked in sweet, thick, creamy and flavoursome milk – it is nothing short of a dream.  Everyone loves Rasmalai. Opposed to how we […]

strawberry bread pudding

Strawberry Bread Pudding

I have the perfect dessert recipe for you if you’re planning to host or be in charge of dessert for your next social gathering at home. This strawberry bread pudding is so delicious, comforting and easy! You can make it with just a few ingredients and your kitchen will smell […]

rice kheer

The Best Rice Kheer

Rice kheer is probably the most common sweet dish in every Indian household. Everyone has their own variations, but nothing can beat the classic one with white rice and full fat milk. As simple as the recipe is, it is also very easy to mess it up. Because more than […]

lemon sponge cake

Lemon Sponge Cake

Lemon sponge cake makes for a wonderful option for tea time or brunch with friends and family. And this version is super easy to make, tastes refreshing and delicious and is very easy to make. This is a homemade version that is super comforting to say the least. You need […]

strawberry jam

Chunky Strawberry Jam Recipe

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to make everything at home. The sense of making your own fresh food and not buying every single thing from the market is oddly gratifying. And of course, it is way more healthy, cooked without preservatives and filled with love! […]

apple pie

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups With Cinnamon

Baked Apple Pie roll-ups are a beautiful and easy way of using some beautiful sweet apples as dessert. These are oven baked and take just a few minutes to get ready. Warm, crispy and sweet cinnamon apple rolls are a family favorite and an ultimate delight. They go great with […]


Moist-Rich Chocolate Chip Tea Cake

Love chocolate cake? We all do! Baking is truly an art and this most-rich chocolate chip cake is just the perfect dessert to have around at this time of the year. If you are an amateur baker trying to get that perfect chocolate cake out of your oven, you have […]