Mexican Delights

one pot Mexican rice

One Pot Mexican Rice

One-pot meals are my favorite! They come together in no time and never disappoint on taste. This one-pot Mexican rice is one of my favorite one-pot meals. It has a little bit of everything – tanginess from the tomatoes, spiciness from the chili, punch from the Chipotle and so much […]

chicken tacos

Crispy Chicken Tacos…at Home!

I absolutely love Mexican food! And this love has is new as I got exposed to this cuisine only recently. Tacos have to be one of my favorite food when it comes to global cuisine favourites. The reason why I have come to like Mexican cuisine so much is because […]

Mexican wrap

Mexican Tortilla Wraps With An Indian Twist

It is only recently that I have developed a love for authentic Mexican food. The reason why I love Mexican cuisine is that it’s is so healthy and fresh! I love the way they garnish everything with fresh and crunchy vegetables and herbs. But getting good Mexican food is a […]