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yellow moong dal

One Pot Yellow Moong Dal

Try out this 30-minute yellow moong dal recipe and never go hungry again! I have been making this dal for years now, and it is a regular in my kitchen. Super simple and loved equally by all, this vegan dal is a crowd pleaser. Make this along with some rice […]

alu matar

Pressure Cooker Alu Matar

I cannot imagine my life without the pressure cooker. To me, it is the most valuable cooking tool one can have to become a cooking ninja. And I am not just talking about just Indian recipes! I swear by the pressure cooker because it makes cooking fast, easy, healthy and […]

veg recipes

Pumpkin fry with potatoes | Veg recipes

I remember being a fussy child when it came to food. I didn’t like most vegetables and gave my parents a hard time when it came to eating healthy food. I would say no to most veg recipes. My father used to be very worried about me. He would always […]

veg recipes

Indian Papad Curry | Veg Recipes

If you follow my recipes, you must have seen this trend where I often post recipes that trigger nostalgia, mostly from my childhood. Today’s recipe is no different. Indian food is so vast, but some basics are the same in every state. A papad or a pappadum is a thin, […]

banana flower

Banana Flower with Potatoes

A banana is not just a super fruit. Every part of the banana tree can be used for something or the other. Banana leaves have been used as natural plates to eat food on for generations. The branches of the banana are used during pujas in Hindu households, as also […]

veg recipes

Malai Matar Mushroom

Mushrooms are something I somehow always manage to have in my refrigerator. What’s not to like about them? They are worth devouring, cook in minutes, are low in calories and high in nutrition! And let’s not forget how versatile they are. Mushrooms go with pasta, eggs, pizza toppings, lasagnas,…the list […]

masala bhindi

Malai Masala Bhindi | Slurrp

Summers have officially arrived. This also means the winter bounty is no longer going to be available. But that in no way means that there aren’t tasty options! I agree that summers do not give us too many vegetable options. But the good news is that the minimum availability can […]