Baking for Beginners

Hey there! Are you an amateur in baking but really want to try it? Explore this section for beginners and bake the most basic things. Learn the tricks and techniques of baking with simple recipes.

From cakes to bread to simple doughs, learn it all over here. Happy baking!

fudgy chocolate brownie

The BEST Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Chocolate brownies are love. The fudgier, the better. Right? If you also are a lover of fudgy chocolate brownies like me, I am going to give you my secret recipe which has taken years to form. Because making the best, fudgy chocolate brownie might not be as simple as it […]

mango oatmeal bread

Gluten Free Mango Oatmeal Bread | Slurrp

The best part of Indian summers to me is the abundance of mangoes that I get to see everywhere. India is home to more than a thousand varieties of mangoes, and it is undoubtedly the king of all fruits. Just like all summers, this season also marks my love for […]


Moist-Rich Chocolate Chip Tea Cake

Love chocolate cake? We all do! Baking is truly an art and this most-rich chocolate chip cake is just the perfect dessert to have around at this time of the year. If you are an amateur baker trying to get that perfect chocolate cake out of your oven, you have […]