vegan dhaba style arhar dal

Vegan Dhaba Style Arhar Dal

No matter how much I crave for other cuisines, my comfort food will always be a hot bowl of dal and rice. Rice and dal is such a hearty and wholesome combination that it can never go out of style. And this dhaba style arhar dal is my absolute favourite. […]


Falafel Recipe

If you ask me what is one of my favourite vegetarian snacks, I will definitely pick falafel. I love them with hummus or tahini, and I make them very often in my house. As opposed to what it might seem, making falafels is actually very easy. It involves some very […]

green hummus

Spinach Hummus

Hello! Thanks for visiting this page. Since you are looking for a hummus recipe, I can assure you your search ends here. This is the easiest, most delicious spinach hummus recipe which has been in my personal book for longer than I can remember. And the light green colour comes […]