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prawn curry

Prawn Curry

I absolutely love this prawn curry recipe. I end up making it once a week when all I have is 30-40 minutes to whip up dinner. The best part about prawns is that they cook super fast and let you pull off a hearty meal without spending hours in the […]

prawn curry

Prawn Curry With Fennel and Ginger

I absolutely love prawns. Prawn recipes have been one of the most requested recipes by readers, as they are so easy to make and packed with flavour. If you also love prawns, this is a recipe that will become a favorite in no time. Ginger and fennel is such a […]

pabda fish with mustard

Pabda Fish With Mustard

Having grown up in Assam which is a land of rivers, eating fresh-water fish has been very regular for me since childhood. During the 90s, fish sellers used to come directly at out doorstep to deliver the “catch of the day.” If you were lucky enough, you could get the […]

slow cooked prawn masala

Slow Cooked Prawn Masala

I love discoveries in the kitchen. Times when the mind is clueless and decides to experiment with whatever is available in the kitchen pantry. What follows sometimes are disasters, or on lucky days, recipes that astound you. Experimenting with recipes in the kitchen with ingredients in hand is something I love […]

pabda fish curry

Pabda Curry With Peas & Potatoes

Oh, how I love simple recipes like these! I love eating and cooking fish. Having grown up in Assam, I grew up with an abundant consumption of freshwater fish. In any Assamese household, the absence of fish in a meal is a rarity. My culture hence has a huge influence […]

prawn malai curry

Prawn Malai Curry | Indian Food | Slurrp

This is for all you seafood lovers out there! Prawn Malai curry has to be one of the tastiest, creamiest and easiest prawn curry recipes. It is a favorite in Bengali cuisine. I have loved this gravy since a child and I always thought it must be very complicated to […]


Prawn Xacuti – A Delicious Goan Delicacy

Goa is heaven on earth. But this place is not just beautiful for the pristine beaches, but what sets Goa apart like any other Indian state is also its unique cuisine. For those who have tasted Goan food would know what I am talking about. I am a big Goa […]