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butter garlic mushrooms

Creamy Butter Garlic Mushrooms

If you are a mushroom lover, this recipe is for you. In fact, I have made this recipe for friends who detest even the idea of eating the vegetable, and have loved this version! This creamy butter garlic mushrooms recipe is just perfect. And ridiculously easy to pull off! The […]

fettuccine alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo With Broccoli & Cherry Tomatoes

Alfredo sauce is love! Anything with Alfredo in it makes life better. Don’t you agree? But usually, Alfredo makes people think of a thick and heavy sauce that makes you full till your neck. Fear not! This fettuccine alfredo is light, yet creamy. Believe it or not, a major part […]

pesto pasta

Penne with Pesto Sauce

The first time I ever made pesto pasta was at a friend’s place a few years ago. He had fresh Italian basil leaves growing in his campus, all green, healthy and beautiful. That was the first time I also realized it is possible to grow Italian basil in Indian soil […]

white sauce pasta

Penne With Spinach, Mushroom and Corn

Pasta is one of my favourite food. It is simple, quick and you can choose a rendition between a simple Aglio Olio or a heavy Carbonara! Here is a white sauce pasta recipe that is beautiful and a bit on the heavier side. Presenting to you guys a delicious Penne […]

penne arrabiata

Penne Arrabiata for a Perfect Weeknight Dinner

Penne Arrabiata is a widely popular Italian pasta recipe most of us have had several times in our lives. Its sauce is a thick and creamy tomato paste, which is refreshing and very healthy. This is again our favourite and the simplest to make. It is great if guests drop […]

pasta Alfredo

How To Make Pasta Alfredo at Home

The best part about Italian recipes is their simplicity and burst of flavors. Each kind of pasta is easy to make, with simple methods and a few powerful, flavorsome ingredients. Pasta Alfredo is by far the simpler than simplest pasta recipes, yet one of the most popular. Upon request, here […]