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pabda fish curry

Pabda Curry With Peas & Potatoes

Oh, how I love simple recipes like these! I love eating and cooking fish. Having grown up in Assam, I grew up with an abundant consumption of freshwater fish. In any Assamese household, the absence of fish in a meal is a rarity. My culture hence has a huge influence […]

palak murgh

Palak Murgh

I absolutely adore seasonal produce in my meals. The freshness of seasonal and fresh ingredients remains unmatched. And winter brings with it a variety of colorful produce. And spinach has to top that list. This palak murgh recipe uses spinach in all its glory, highlighting its creamy texture, wonderful taste, […]


Lauki Kofta Curry | Slurrp

I know most people would cringe even on the idea of lauki or bottle gourd. Though I do like lauki in all its forms, I will never argue with someone whether lauki kofta curry is one of the best ways to eat it. Because it is! And this particular recipe is simply stunning. […]

alu matar

Restaurant Style Alu Matar

I cannot imagine my life without the pressure cooker. To me, it is the most valuable cooking tool one can have to become a cooking ninja. And I am not just talking about just Indian recipes! I swear by the pressure cooker because it makes cooking fast, easy, healthy and […]

chicken recipes

Street Style Chicken Cutlet | With Video

October is here and so is my favorite time of the year. What is going to follow is a season of festivities, holidays, colorful streets, lots of food and family time. Just the thought of it is so exciting! Since Durga Puja is just around the corner, I wanted to […]

veg recipes

Pumpkin fry with potatoes | Veg recipes

I remember being a fussy child when it came to food. I didn’t like most vegetables and gave my parents a hard time when it came to eating healthy food. I would say no to most veg recipes. My father used to be very worried about me. He would always […]

dahi kala chana

Dahi Kala Chana Curry | Veg Recipes

Time is such a thing. Things which you thought would never change or you could alter about yourself end up being history. If I have to substantiate this with an example, I would use one which is food related. As a child or even during my teenage years, I had […]

veg recipes

Indian Papad Curry | Veg Recipes

If you follow my recipes, you must have seen this trend where I often post recipes that trigger nostalgia, mostly from my childhood. Today’s recipe is no different. Indian food is so vast, but some basics are the same in every state. A papad or a pappadum is a thin, […]