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Turkish eggs
Breakfast Recipes

Turkish Eggs (Cilbir) Recipe Pairing yogurt with steaming poached eggs might not be an idea that appeals immediately. But trust me, it is a bomb combination! Otherwise Turkish Eggs or Cilbir would not have been one of the world’s most favorite breakfasts, right? I will show you how you can make this amazing […]

lemon butter garlic pasta
Pasta La Vista

Lemon Butter Garlic Pasta


 With mercury levels rising, it’s getting really difficult to be in the kitchen for longer hours. Whether you’re feeling drained to cook, or if you have very little time in hands, this lemon butter garlic pasta is a savior. With a handful of ingredients and really less cooking time, this […]

rajma masala
Indian Recipes

Rajma Masala


 Rajma Masala is one of my most favorite comfort foods of all time. It wasn’t always this way. I never even thought about rajma or kidney beans while growing up because it was never a major part of my diet. Assamese people consume rajma once in a while and we […]

lemon sponge cake
Baking for Beginners, Desserts

Lemon Sponge Cake


 Lemon sponge cake makes for a wonderful option for tea time or brunch with friends and family. And this version is super easy to make, tastes refreshing and delicious and is very easy to make. This is a homemade version that is super comforting to say the least. You need […]

creamy egg curry
Egg - Indian, Eggs and more!

Creamy Egg Curry


 Here’s a welcome diversion from all the egg curries involving tomatoes. If you want to try out an egg curry that is different and tastes spectacular, you are surely going to love this creamy egg curry. The gravy is slightly thick and is enjoyed best when dunked into with some […]

Health Bytes, vegan, Vegan Recipes

Falafel Recipe


 If you ask me what is one of my favourite vegetarian snacks, I will definitely pick falafel. I love them with hummus or tahini, and I make them very often in my house. As opposed to what it might seem, making falafels is actually very easy. It involves some very […]

green hummus
Health Bytes, Snacks, vegan, Vegan Recipes

Green Hummus


 Hello! Thanks for visiting this page. Since you are looking for a hummus recipe, I can assure you your search ends here. This is the easiest, most delicious hummus recipe which has been in my personal book for longer than I can remember. And the light green colour comes from […]